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Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "concrete pavement" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "pavement" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Übersetzungen für pavement im Englisch» Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online:pavement. Wir müssen den Bürgersteig sauber machen. Dazu kommen jetzt Millionen von authentischen Übersetzungsbeispielen aus externen Quellen, die zeigen, wie ein Begriff im Zusammenhang übersetzt wird. An ice-free path of at least one metre has to be created. From the pavement , a gravel path with a moderate upwards incline leads to a steep asphalt ramp, and this leads to the entrance. Zur mobilen Version wechseln. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch pavement arrow. Zum Beispiel ist die Unkrautbekämpfung auf Gehwegen ohne Chemikalien mal teurer. Von hier aus kommt man direkt in das offene, hohe Foyer und erfasst gleich alle Geschosse mit einem Blick. The gravel parking area is located approx. Bürgersteig verblutet, während Leute vorbeigegangen sind und nichts getan haben. That's pavement , dragged down Crenshaw. Where there is no cycle path, adults must cycle on the street.

An asphalt concrete surface will generally be constructed for high-volume primary highways having an average annual daily traffic load greater than vehicles per day.

Disadvantages include less durability than other paving methods, less tensile strength than concrete, the tendency to become slick and soft in hot weather and a certain amount of hydrocarbon pollution to soil and groundwater or waterways.

In the mids, rubberized asphalt was used for the first time, mixing crumb rubber from used tires with asphalt. The application of rubberized asphalt is more temperature-sensitive, and in many locations can only be applied at certain times of the year.

Study results of the long-term acoustic benefits of rubberized asphalt are inconclusive. Initial application of rubberized asphalt may provide 3—5 decibels dB reduction in tire-pavement source noise emissions; however, this translates to only 1—3 decibels dB in total traffic noise level reduction due to the other components of traffic noise.

Compared to traditional passive attenuating measures e. Concrete surfaces specifically, Portland cement concrete are created using a concrete mix of Portland cement , coarse aggregate , sand and water.

In virtually all modern mixes there will also be various admixtures added to increase workability, reduce the required amount of water, mitigate harmful chemical reactions and for other beneficial purposes.

In many cases there will also be Portland cement substitutes added, such as fly ash. This can reduce the cost of the concrete and improve its physical properties.

The material is applied in a freshly mixed slurry, and worked mechanically to compact the interior and force some of the cement slurry to the surface to produce a smoother, denser surface free from honeycombing.

The water allows the mix to combine molecularly in a chemical reaction called hydration. Concrete surfaces have been refined into three common types: The one item that distinguishes each type is the jointing system used to control crack development.

One of the major advantages of concrete pavements is they are typically stronger and more durable than asphalt roadways.

They also can be grooved to provide a durable skid-resistant surface. A notable disadvantage is that they typically can have a higher initial cost, and can be more time-consuming to construct.

This cost can typically be offset through the long life cycle of the pavement. Concrete pavement can be maintained over time utilizing a series of methods known as concrete pavement restoration which include diamond grinding , dowel bar retrofits , joint and crack sealing, cross-stitching, etc.

Diamond grinding is also useful in reducing noise and restoring skid resistance in older concrete pavement. Composite pavements combine a Portland cement concrete sublayer with an asphalt.

They are usually used to rehabilitate existing roadways rather than in new construction. Asphalt overlays are sometimes laid over distressed concrete to restore a smooth wearing surface.

To decrease reflective cracking, concrete pavement is broken apart through a break and seat, crack and seat , or rubblization process. Geosynthetics can be used for reflective crack control.

The main difference between the two processes is the equipment used to break the concrete pavement and the size of the resulting pieces.

The theory is frequent small cracks will spread thermal stress over a wider area than infrequent large joints, reducing the stress on the overlying asphalt pavement.

Rubblization is a more complete fracturing of the old, worn-out concrete, effectively converting the old pavement into an aggregate base for a new asphalt road.

Whitetopping uses Portland cement concrete to resurface a distressed asphalt road. Distressed road materials can be reused when rehabilitating a roadway.

The existing pavement is ground or broken up into small pieces, through a process called milling. It can then be transported to an asphalt or concrete plant and incorporated into new pavement, or recycled in place to form the base or subbase for new pavement.

Some methods used include:. Bituminous surface treatment BST or chipseal is used mainly on low-traffic roads, but also as a sealing coat to rejuvenate an asphalt concrete pavement.

It generally consists of aggregate spread over a sprayed-on asphalt emulsion or cut-back asphalt cement.

The aggregate is then embedded into the asphalt by rolling it, typically with a rubber-tired roller. This type of surface is described by a wide variety of regional terms including "chip seal", "tar and chip", "oil and stone", "seal coat", "sprayed seal" [21] or "surface dressing" [22] or as simply "bitumen.

The ease of application of BST is one reason for its popularity, but another is its flexibility, which is important when roadways are laid down over unstable terrain that thaws and softens in the spring.

Other types of BSTs include micropaving, slurry seals and Novachip. These are laid down using specialized and proprietary equipment.

They are most often used in urban areas where the roughness and loose stone associated with chip seals is considered undesirable. A thin membrane surface TMS is an oil -treated aggregate which is laid down upon a gravel road bed, producing a dust-free road.

The TMS layer adds no significant structural strength, and so is used on secondary highways with low traffic volume and minimal weight loading.

Construction involves minimal subgrade preparation, following by covering with a tomillimetre 2. Otta seal is a low-cost road surface using a 16—millimetre 0.

Gravel is known to have been used extensively in the construction of roads by soldiers of the Roman Empire see Roman road but in a limestone-surfaced road, thought to date back to the Bronze Age , was found at Yarnton in Oxfordshire, Britain.

The term road metal refers to the broken stone or cinders used in the construction or repair of roads or railways , [27] and is derived from the Latin metallum , which means both " mine " and " quarry ".

The route of the roadway would first be dug down several feet and, depending on local conditions, French drains may or may not have been added.

Next, large stones were placed and compacted, followed by successive layers of smaller stones, until the road surface was composed of small stones compacted into a hard, durable surface.

A road of such material is called a " metalled road " in Britain, a " paved road " in Canada and the US, or a "sealed road" in parts of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A granular surface can be used with a traffic volume where the annual average daily traffic is 1, vehicles per day or less. The decision whether to pave a gravel road or not often hinges on traffic volume.

It has been found that maintenance costs for gravel roads often exceed the maintenance costs for paved or surface-treated roads when traffic volumes exceed vehicles per day.

Some communities are finding it makes sense to convert their low-volume paved roads to aggregate surfaces. Pavers or paviours , generally in the form of pre-cast concrete blocks, are often used for aesthetic purposes, or sometimes at port facilities that see long-duration pavement loading.

Pavers are rarely used in areas that see high-speed vehicle traffic. Brick , cobblestone , sett , wood plank , and wood block pavements such as Nicolson pavement , were once common in urban areas throughout the world, but fell out of fashion in most countries, due to the high cost of labor required to lay and maintain them, and are typically only kept for historical or aesthetic reasons.

In the Netherlands , brick paving has made something of a comeback since the adoption of a major nationwide traffic safety program in At the same time, it is not uncommon for cycle paths alongside a road to have a smoother surface than the road itself.

Likewise, macadam and tarmac pavements can still sometimes [ when? There are also other methods and materials to create pavements that have appearance of brick pavements.

The first method to create brick texture is to heat an asphalt pavement and use metal wires to imprint a brick pattern using a compactor to create stamped asphalt.

A similar method is to use rubber imprinting tools to press over a thin layer of cement to create decorative concrete.

Another method is to use a brick pattern stencil and apply a surfacing material over the stencil. Materials that can be applied to give the color of the brick and skid resistance can be in many forms.

An example is to use colored polymer-modified concrete slurry which can be applied by screeding or spraying. Polymer cement overlaying to change asphalt pavement to brick texture and color to create decorative crosswalk.

Noise phenomena are highly influenced by vehicle speed. Roadway surface types contribute differential noise effects of up to 4 dB , with chip seal type and grooved roads being the loudest, and concrete surfaces without spacers being the quietest.

Asphaltic surfaces perform intermediately relative to concrete and chip seal. Decorative wavy pattern on La Rambla.

As pavement systems primarily fail due to fatigue in a manner similar to metals , the damage done to pavement increases with the fourth power of the axle load of the vehicles traveling on it.

Tax rates for trucks are higher than those for cars in most countries for this reason, though they are not levied in proportion to the damage done.

Other failure modes include aging and surface abrasion. Kannberg, still disillusioned over his songs being rejected by Malkmus, said of Terror Twilight: It was the hardest record to make.

Malkmus wrote the entirety of the record, and the recording of the music only featured minor contributions from the rest of the band.

The group released one last EP, titled Major Leagues. Pavement embarked on a six-month world tour in support of the album, during which time relationships within the group frayed, especially between Malkmus and the other members of the band.

Steve West later recalled times on the tour bus where Malkmus would put his coat over his head, refuse to speak to anyone, and call himself "The Little Bitch".

Critics noted that their setlist had started to include a number of their early songs, much like a band playing their greatest hits on a farewell tour.

During the concert, Malkmus refused or possibly was unable, due to illness to sing, effectively turning their set into a mostly instrumental one.

Nastanovich called a band meeting after the show, and Malkmus finally confided to his bandmates: Sail around the world 3. Get into the computer industry 4.

Nastanovich later commented that "There was too much exhaustion for heavy emotion. After that, anything that happens in the future is in the future.

The band released a "best-of" compilation album in March , entitled Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement. Original drummer Gary Young joined the band for an encore, playing three songs from Slanted and Enchanted.

In an interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Malkmus addressed the possibility of the band continuing beyond their tour.

And we want to keep it fun. According to Bob Nastanovich, the members of Pavement approached Stephen Malkmus with the idea of a reunion tour in or but "it did not float.

On the first night Kannberg joined Malkmus and The Jicks onstage for four songs. The following night Kannberg played three more songs with the group, joined by Gary Young on the final two.

The Story of Pavement , a biography on the band written by Rob Jovanovic. Reviews for the book were mixed, with some saying that it contained much of the same information as the Slow Century DVD and expanded very little on it, while others called it a "fond retrospection".

The band appeared in a episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast , titled "Pavement", where they were mistaken for The Beatles and played two songs done exclusively for the show.

These songs were later included on the deluxe re-issue of Brighten the Corners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sordid Sentinels Edition Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement Brighten the Corners:

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